Banner Series: Landscape Series 4 (2012), four acrylic strappo prints, each 6 x 8 inches

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About Wendy Lemen Bredehoft

Wendy Lemen Bredehoft - artist, educator, administrator, mom and grandma – is keenly interested in researching and applying artistic inquiry to all facets of her life, which has made for some really unique experiences for her family over the years.

As an artist she utilizes pastels, paints, printing processes, oil stick and other mixed media to investigate personal intersections with rural and urban, internal and external landscapes. She is a member and co-founder of the artists’ groups Sequencing, Pipeline Art Project, and Touchstone: Laramie Artists Project.

Bredehoft’s work has shown nationally and is in collections at Albertson College of Idaho; University of Wyoming Law School, College of Health Sciences and Coe Library; the Wyoming State Museum; Stony Brook School, NY and others.

She is currently the Education Curator for the University of Wyoming Art Museum, where she develops and oversees inquiry based learning applications for all ages, pre-school through adult. Previously, Bredehoft served as the Director of Cultural Resources for the State of Wyoming, and as the Arts Education Specialist for the Wyoming Arts Council.

Bredehoft is a board member for the Western States Arts Federation, and has served on numerous boards, advisory and grants panels during her career, ranging from the National Endowment for the Arts and the US Department of Education to the Jeffrey City (WY) Arts Council.

She has been married for a really long time to Roger (6 yellow and chocolate Labradors worth), enjoying the benefits of being a Wyoming Game Warden's wife (now retired), and exploring some of Wyoming’s most remote areas. Together they discovered it truly was possible to follow individual dreams (art and wildlife biology) together in the least inhabited state in the U.S.

Bredehoft received an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College in 1996, and a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Wyoming in 1984; but those are only paper. Learning goes on forever.


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